kardom pajir iklo kado kave a korte ingjir atum aphan                     KARDOM

Laso awebsite lake li KARBI atum aphansi panonglo lasi ladak kedo lun tomo mate lam arjan hai hui nangli tum longji lapen download long ikji.

Ili karbi atum alam alun kaperengverji lapen kapachetakji aphan si laso awebsite bondaloread more


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                   KURVANGTHU  DAI HO..!



first of all we want to welcome and say kardom to all

so ,,       KARDOM – NAMASTE

So here is about us

We built this website for the peoples of KARBI in order to keep all the music , songs and videos available at all times in the internet and because we love our culture , traditions and language.

” its a big thank you  to my beloved bro DAVID HANSE for helping me collect the data and files and www.digitalprofitcourse.com which teaches me so many things and my teacher

William Vallance
Digital Profit Course Experts Team
Bachelor in Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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(EIM – Excellence in Internet Marketing)

and thank you to www.goddady.com which help me and support me  alot from their ends and THANK YOU ONE AND ALL..!

mr sarim hanse

mob : 9066444838

email. duronghanse@gmail.com

donkamukam west karbi Anglong 782485.



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